Sergiu Andon, the president of the Juridical Commission in the House of Deputies (the Commission that blocked the criminal inquiry against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase) declared that political action symptoms were found in the files prosecutors presented against Nastase and that he personally found the same probatory in nine files. In the 'Discussion of the Week" show conducted by Dan Tapalaga and broadcast by BBC and, Andon also mentioned that the Parliament finds itself in an unusual situation, having to acts as "para-judges", but this is the way the Constitutional Court decided to "detour" the process.

"Of course it is an unnatural position, to act as para-judges, it doesn't even comply with the state powers separation principle. In a normal society and in a normal state where the law reigns, the immunity field should be much more restricted", said Andon. "It is like this because the general climate seems to make the detour through the Parliament necessary and because the lack of faith in Justice and parts of the prosecution. Therefore we have to solve problems in far-from-typical situations".

A few weeks ago, Andon declared that the Juridical Commission would only analyze the procedure-related aspects in the files regarding Nastase. In the interview, Andon didn't maintain his position, claiming that the two sides are related one to another.

"First, I have no recollection of saying anything about looking into the procedures only, maybe I said it would be mostly procedure-related, because one can not separate the procedures from the substance. We have to find obvious subjectivism signs designed to affect the image of that Parliamentarian, in case they exist. (...) This probatory material is found in nine cases - others counted ten - in the Nastase case. It is the Olympic torch of the same hawking that lights up and goes off all the time".