Romania President Traian Basescu expressed his discontent with the Parliament's decision to postpone an answer for the positive or negative notes on the criminal inquiry of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase and former Transport Minister Miron Mitrea. In a letter addressed to the speaker in the House of Deputies, Bogdan Olteanu, the president reproaches Parliamentarians their attempt to replace the Justice. As a reply, Olteanu accuses Basescu of not sending "his Democrat-Liberals to vote" (Basescu's supporting party at the 2004 elections). In an upset voice, Basescu replies that the Democrat-Liberals matters should be discussed with the party head, Emil Boc, not with the president.

In the first letter, Basescu told Olteanu that "the fact that the Parliament replaces the Justice system makes some of the dignitaries, parliamentarians who were or still are ministers, feel above the law". Sources say that Basescu also demanded the Parliament to fins fast solutions to allow judges to their work.

27 days before the European Commission has to present its Justice monitoring report, t is well known that Romania will be roughly criticized for the anti-graft campaign stagnation, which became even more obvious than before after the former ministers' files were blocked. Sources in the Commission say that the warning will be made in a hard voice, but the safeguarding clauses will not be yet activated.