Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu, declared for the national radio station, RRA) that the European Commission monitoring reports point at an alarming condition of the Romanian Justice system, the situation being directly caused by the events between 1990 and 1996. The minister says that the media signals must be carefully analyzed and that transparency is obligatory, "unless we want to return to a past we don't want even to hear about". According to sources in Brussels, the July monitoring report of the European Commission will include a severe message regarding the blockage of high corruption files.

"All these results, all we harvest today was seeded through action or lack of action between 1990 and 1996. If someone would have intervened coherently at the time, today we'd have another Justice", said the minister in an interview for RRA.

In his opinion, the Justice reform must be re-launched, some results been expected, in case this is successful, around 2009-2010.