Bucharest District 3 mayor Liviu Negoita was unanimously elected head of the Bucharest branch of the Democrat Liberals (PD-L), TV news stations announced on Monday. The former head of the PD-L Bucharest branch Vasile Blaga resigned last week, as he promised to do if he would lose the June local elections.

Blaga was actually the one to put forward Liviu Negoita. Vasile Blaga had declared before the start of the electoral campaign for Bucharest mayor that he would resign from the position should he lose the elections. He announced that he would focus on organizing this year's parliamentary elections as secretary general of the party.

Negoita was re-elected as mayor of Bucharest District 3 by an overwhelming margin in the June elections, while Blaga was defeated by Social Democrat turned independent candidate Sorin Oprescu in the campaign for Bucharest mayor.