Romania Transports minister Ludovic Orban was heard by anti-graft prosecutors on Monday for charges of abuse in office in 2005 while he was Bucharest deputy mayor. Allegedly, Orban abusively approved the sale of a commercial space downtown Bucharest. However, Orban declared that the space was sold due to the fact that the company using the space, UCECOM refused to pay for the investments made by the city hall.

The space, according to real estate agents is worth some 10 million euro. The file is currently in the preliminary stage and prosecutors did not start an official investigation against former deputy mayor and current Transports minister Ludovic Orban.

UCECOM representatives declare that Oran abused his position in the city hall because otherwise the commercial space could not be sold. At its turn, Orban declared that UCECOM refused to pay off the city hall for the investments the latter has done for years. Because of this, the space was sold to another company who offered to pay for the investments even though the city hall had an official contract with UCECOM.