Romania's Justice minister Catalin Predoiu proposed Monica Serbanescu, current Justice minister counsellor to replace the anti-graft chief prosecutor Daniel Morar. Romania's general prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi extended Morar's mandate for another 90 days until the new chief prosecutor will be proposed.

Predoiu declared that Morar will be proposed as Romanian Justice ministry representatives in Brussels for the special monitoring and cooperation mechanism, justice reform and anti-corruption fight. Predoiu added that Morar could become the new deputy chief anti-graft prosecutor but a final decision will be made after official talks.

Predoiu declared that his new choice will strengthen the institution's credibility and experience because Morar will still be able to coordinate and advise officials. Justice minister Predoiu declared that his new proposal will have to be approved by the Superior Magistracy Council and by the Romania President Traian Basescu.