Democrat Liberals are luring famous former Liberal Deputy Mona Musca to run for a seat in the Parliament, for the Neamt Democrat Liberal organization. Party leader Emil Boc confirmed that an offer was made for Mona Musca and that he saw no reason to counter his party's decision.

Boc added that Mona Musca was an important political personality and could add value to the Romanian public space. Moreover, Boc declared that Musca did no harm, in the end - refering to a rule that Musca had collaborated with the Ceausescu-era political police, the Securitate. Boc's opinion was supported by PD-L first deputy president Teodor Stolojan.

At her turn, Mona Musca refuses to talk to the press on the subject. Mona Musca resigned from the Parliament and quit all her political activities after CNSAS, the independent body studying the archives of Communist-era secret police ruled that Mona Musca collaborated with the Securitate. The verdict was confirmed by the Appellate Court.