The leader of far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM) Corneliu Vadim Tudor said on Monday that he was ashamed of the Romanian political class, speaking of attacks recently launched by Liberal and Democratic-Liberal party leaders against each other. "A healthy dictatorship would be better than a sick democracy", Tudor said today.

During party summer schools held this weekend, various leading politicians opted to calling each other names such as "stupid" or "accident in the political genetical sciencies", given that Romania prepares for general elections later this fall.

C.V. Tudor, himself known for colorful language, said politics was the country's biggest shame for the moment as most politicians are "criminals". He said Romania was lacking a proper government and was dominated by "anarchy" under the leadership of "Mafia people".

The Romanian Senate was due to discuss on Monday a request of the Conservative Party (PC, a smaller but influential political opposition group) to select PC member Corneliu Pascu, as deputy speaker of the Senate, a seat currently held by Vadim Tudor.

C.V. Tudor said he would not give up the seat.