A survey set up in September by the Transparency and Freedom of Expression Association (ATLE) reveals that almost 39% of citizens would vote for incumbent President Traian Basescu in the next elections while 15.3% with Sorin Oprescu, the current Bucharest mayor. When it comes to parties, Social Democrats (PSD) would get 33.1%, Democrat Liberals (PDL) 21.2% while Liberals (PNL) 16%. Even though some 26.5% of respondents have no clue or refuse to answer, the most preferred coalition is formed by PSD-PNL with 21.2% closely followed by PSD-PD-L with 20.8% and PDL-PNL with 16%.

The survey, remitted to HotNews.ro, shows that President Basescu continues to be the most trusted politician with 44% while Sorin Oprescu gains 38% and PSD head Mircea Geoana, 35%. However, institutions like the Parliament and the Government are back in the trust top, together with PDL politician Elena Udrea.

For the first time in a survey, the order of preferred parties is modified and Social Democrats are again in the top with 33.1% followed by Democrat Liberals with 30.2% and Liberals with 16%. However, respondents declared that no party will be able to run by itself and thus a coalition will most probably be formed.

Therefore, 21.2 % of the respondents opted for a coalition between PSD and PNL while 20.8% for a PSD - PDL coalition. Even though most Romanians (58%) know that starting this autumn they will vote in a uninominal system, a pretty significant percent of 21.4% do not know that the system is changed while 20.1% do not know to answer the question.