Romanian President Traian Basescu has sued a journalist over an article reporting the head of state's dismissal of speculation of a deal between the main party backing him, the Democratic Liberals (PD-L) and the far right group Greater Romania Party (PRM) early this month. Basescu claims symbolic moral damages and accuses journalist Cristian Oprea, a reporter for Cotidianul newspaper, of "moral prejudice".

Cristian Oprea told he was "shocked" by President Basescu's attitude and confirmed he received the complaint on Friday.

A precedent was set many years ago when ex-president Ion Iliescu sued Ziua newspapers over allegations that Iliescu was linked to the KGB.

The article that angered Basescu was focused on Basescu's dismissal of allegations that PD-L and PRM reached a surprising deal with major political implications with the approval of the head of state, who is seen as the brain behind anything PD-L would do. In the article author Cristian Oprea questioned

In an interview with the public television on September 10, President Basescu attacked the media groups controlled by influential moguls Dan Voiculescu and Sorin Ovidiu Vantu because, among others, of how they dealt with the PDL-PRM affair. Vantu controls the media group that publishes Cotidianul, where journalist Cristian Oprea works.