Romanian deputies adopted on Tuesday intensified their activity on Tuesday when they voted a salary boost for teachers and were expected to start voting on dozens other political "mercy laws" prior to general elections later this month. They also intensify political struggles as they attempt to secure new seats in the future legislature.

Deputies adopted a bill increasing teachers' salaries by 50% today. An ordinance in this regard was intentionally left for the last month before elections, when the House has over 200 draft laws to vote on, half of which are aimed at providing benefits for all social areas.

These include bills on energy tickets, building homes for young Romanians, increased allocations for children and bonus payments for mothers, compensations for farmers and supplementary pensions.

Also today, the House rejected a controversial draft law that would have allowed hunters access to natural reserves. The bill was postponed for the next parliamentary session.

At a Liberal proposal, the Parliament also voted to remove excises for production of traditional alcoholic drinks such as "tuica" (plum brandy) or "rachiu" made for home consumption by Romanian peasants as long as this quantities are limited to the equivalent of 250 of pure alcohol (some 500-700 liters of alcoholic drink).

Also today, ten deputies and two senators swapped parties in what looks like an attempt to secure new seats in the Parliament following elections later this fall. Most left the far right Greater Romania Party and all but one moved to the Conservative Party, another small group, but which allied with the large Social Democratic Party to run together in general elections.