The general elections on November 30 may turn out to be a reality that mirrors ourselves, President Traian Basescu said in an interview for the public radio about the Sunday poll for Romania's new parliament, which ended with no clear victor. When people that we know bad things about are entering the Parliament, we would have to ask ourselves why have Romanians given them a new term in office, he said in the interview for Radio Romania, quoted by monitoring agency Rador.

He failed to comment on the results of the poll and prospects for the future government.

  • Key messages of President Traian Basescu's first speech on the election results:
  • because we speak about a country which is indirectly affected by the global crisis, we should point out that the first priority for 2009 would be to defend jobs as it is the most important thing that we all can and must do
  • in a crisis situation it is important to adopt the best measures so that the impact of the crisis be minimal
  • the crisis issue is a an issue with a one-year, two-year span, according to analysts
  • I am optimistic about Romania's near future in general despite facing a difficult period in 2009
  • maybe the November 30 vote may prove a reality that mirrors ourselves: when people we know bad things about are entering the Parliament, we have to ask ourselves: whi was it that Romanians, who are very serious about their political class in their daily lives, gave them a new term in office?