Romania's Central Electoral Office announced at 6.00 p.m. on Monday the partial results after the counting of 99.62% of votes registered in the Sunday parliamentary elections. The results show a very close score between Social Democrats (PSD) and Democratic Liberals (PD-L). A leader of PD-L had previously claimed victory despite this latest round of results puts PSD first.

This was the last round of results to be announced on Monday. Another round is expected early on Tuesday, when the Electoral Office is also due to decide on a short series of challenged results.

National level results:

House of Deputies: PSD+PC - 33.09%, PDL - 32.34%, Liberals (PNL) - 18.57%, Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) - 6.18%

Senate: PSD+PC - 34.12%, PDL - 33.57%, PNL - 18.75%, UDMR - 6.41%

All other parties received under 5% of the vote.

Results in Bucharest with 99.83% of votes counted:


PDL - 38.34%

PSD+PC - 34.82%

PNL - 15.52%

PNG - 4.99%


PDL - 37.55%

PSD+PC - 33.42%

PNL - 15.84%

PNG - 4.93%

Prior to the latest Electoral Office announcement, a leader of the Democratic Liberals (PD-L), Adriean Videanu, said his party received 165 seats in the Parliament according to party counting, while PSD allegedly received 163 seats. He said that according to the PD-L counting PD-L received 33,84% of the votes in Sunday's elections.