The negotiations for forming a Governmental coalition after the Parliamentarian elections of Sunday have echoes in the international media. Financial Times notes that the negotiations take place in a difficult economic environment, International Herald Tribune mentions that the lack of a clear winner will make the negotiations last longer, while Le Monde discusses the low turnout, in fact the lowest after Ceausescu's fall in 1989, considering that this is an indicator of a fragile democracy.

"The leftist Social Democrats, heirs to the communist leaders overthrown in 1989, and the centrist Democrat-Liberal Party had both won about 33 percent of votes cast on Sunday for the lower house, results from 93 percent of polling stations showed", International Herald Tribune reads.

"The impasse hands the initiative to Traian Basescu, the president, who has links with the centre-right Democrat Liberal (PDL) party, having been a member before ascending to the presidency four years ago. Mr Basescu is no friend of the centre-left Social Democrats (PSD), heirs to the former Communist party, and has backed an anticorruption campaign in which the PSD has been the biggest target", Financial Times adds.