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Elections 2008, final results: Only four parties gain Parliamentarian representation

de Radu Rizea
Marţi, 2 decembrie 2008, 14:44 English | Politics

Social Democrats, Democrat Liberals, Liberals and the Hungarian Democrats are the only parties that managed to rise above the electoral threshold, the president of the Central Electoral Office, Marian Muhulet, announced, after the count of all valid votes had ended.

The final figures, after the November 30 vote:

- Social Democrats - Conservatives alliance (PSD-PC): 2,279,449 votes for the House of Deputies, 2,325,968 for the Senate;

- Democrat Liberals (PD-L) - 2,228,860 votes for the House of Deputies, 2,312,358 for the Senate;

- Liberals (PNL) - PNL 1,279,063 for the House of Deputies, 1,291,029 for the Senate;

- Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) - 425,008 votes for the House of Deputies, 440,449 for the Senate.

The structure of the future Parliament will also include representative of the national minorities - Germans, Roma, Macedonians, Serbs, Turks, Italians, Ukrainian and others.

The Central Electoral Office rejected on Tuesday all claims demanding the annulment of the electoral results.

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