Democrat Liberal leader Emil Boc declared that no party obtained a majority of votes in these elections and thus the decision to appoint the new Prime Minister rests in the hands of the President. He added that his party has a moral right to impose the name of the Prime Minister.

Boc declared that after the official results announced by the Electoral Office, Democrat Liberals will start negotiating for the Prime Minister's seat. He added that the final results will hopefully position Democrat Liberals in front of the Social Democrats.

Boc could not miss the opportunity to attack the Liberals and Social Democrats and declared that since they did not win a relative majority, they have no right to demand the Prime Minister seat. Democrat Liberal general secretary, Vasile Blaga declared that his party does not exclude an alliance with the Liberals nor with the Social Democrats.

He added that talks with other parties will begin as soon as an official announcement of the final results will be made. However, rumors have it that Democrat Liberals have already started negotiating with the Social Democrats.

Apparently, PDL leaders proposed that PSD leader Mircea Geoana to take the Senate's Speaker seat and the two political parties to split the government in two and have two leaders from each party run it, each for 2 years, Mediafax informs quoting sources within the two parties.

Thus, PSD member Miron Mitrea would be named Prime Minister if PSD wins elections and if the Democrat Liberals win them, Vasile Blaga will be proposed as PM. The two parties however did not reach a final agreement because each of them wish to have their PM run the government for the first two years.

Former PSD leader, Ion Iliescu declared that Social Democrats have two solutions: either form a government with the Liberals or remain in the opposition. He declared that due to the influence of the President, PDL will not agree to an alliance with the Social Democrats.

Iliescu declared that his party was trusted by citizens and that they reacted to the PSD's position against Basescu. Thus, it is in the duty of the party to be consistent to its political stand. Iliescu declared that initially, Social Democrats will start negotiations with all political parties.

Hungarian Democrats, one of the four political parties to pass the threshold, are ready to start negotiations with any party, party leader Marok Bela declared. Luckily, he added the Hungarian Democrats can ally with any political color.