outlines the list with Romania's new Parliamentarians as elected on November 30, 2008, according to the data offered by the Central Electoral Office (BEC). The political parties to pass the necessary 5% threshold were: the Democrat Liberals (PD-L), Social Democrats and their Conservative pre-electoral allies (PSD-PC), Liberals (PNL) and the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR). Plus, there are another 18 mandates offered for Romania's national ethnic minorities.


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Calin Potor (PD-L)

College 2: Clement Negrut (PD-L)

College 3: Teodor Atanasiu (PNL)

College 4: Radu Coclici (PSD)

College 5: Corneliu Olar (PD-L)


College 1: Alexandru Peres (PD-L)

College 2: Nicolae Dobra (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Lucian Rivis Tipei (PD-L)

College 2: Claudia Boghicevici (PD-L)

College 3: Adrian Nitu (PD-L)

College 4: Mihaita Calimente (PNL)

College 5: Florin Ciprian Luca (PSD+PC)

College 6: Marius Sorin Gondor (PD-L)

College 7: Iustin Marinel Cionca-Arghir (PD-L)

College 8: Petru Farago (UDMR)


College 1: Ovidiu Marin (PD-L)

College 2: Avram Craciun (PSD+PC)

College 3: Constantin Traian Igas (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gheorghe Sorin Buta (PD-L)

College 2: Gheorghe Mircea Draghici (PSD+PC)

College 3: Ion Burnei (PSD+PC)

College 4: Andi Sorin Pandele (PD-L)

College 5: Filip Georgescu (PSD+PC)

College 6: Costin Radu Vasilica (PSD+PC)

College 7: Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz (PSD+PC)

College 8: Dominic Andrei Gerea (PNL)

College 9: Cristian Boureanu (PD-L)


College 1: Mircea Diaconu (PNL)

College 2: Constantin Serban Valeca (PSD+PC)

College 3: Constantin Tamga (PSD+PC)

College 4: Mircea Cinteza (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Tudor Chiuariu (PNL)

College 2: Adrian Popescu (PD-L)

College 3: Ionel Palar (PNL)

College 4: Gheorghe Antochi (PSD+PC)

College 5: Mihai Banu (PNL)

College 6: Valerian Vreme (PD-L)

College 7: Vasile Gherasim (PD-L)

College 8: Iulian Iancu (PSD+PC)

College 9: Viorel Hrebenciuc (PSD+PC)

College 10: Gabriel Petru Vlase (PSD+PC)


College 1: Gabriel Berca (PNL)

College 2: Vasile Nistor (PD-L)

College 3: Catalin Radu Mardare (PSD+PC)

College 4: Elena Mitrea (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Akos Derzsi (UDMR)

College 2: Petru Lakatos (UDMR)

College 3: Ana Lucia Varga (PNL)

College 4: Nicolae Jolta (PNL)

College 5: Stefan Seremi (PD-L)

College 6: Sorin Ioan Roman (PSD+PC)

College 7: Sonia Maria Draghici (PSD+PC)

College 8: Maria Csilla Peta (UDMR)

College 9: Octavian Bot (PD-L)


College 1: Zoltan Attila Cseke (UDMR)

College 2: Cornel Popa (PNL)

College 3: Petru Filip (PD-L)

College 4: Ioan Mang (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Radu Emil Moldovan (PSD+PC)

College 2: Nelu Ioan Botis (PD-L)

College 3: Ioan Oltean (PD-L)

College 4: Ioan Tintean (PNL)


College 1: Ioan Zbarciu (PD-L)

College 2: Danut Nicolae Prunea (PSD+PC)


Camera Deputatilor

College 1: Nicolae Rebenciu (PNL)

College 2: Andrei Dolineaschi (PSD)

College 3: Florin Turcanu (PNL)

College 4: Stelica Strugaru Iacob (PD-L)

College 5: Costica Macaleti (PSD)

College 6: Catalin Ovidiu Obuf Buhaianu (PD-L)


College 1: Marcu Gheorghe (PSD)

College 2: Liviu Campeanu (PNL)

College 3: Dan Augustin Humelnicul (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gheorghe Gabor (PNL)

College 2: Constantin Nita (PSD+PC)

College 3: Aurel Mihai Dontu (PNL)

College 4: Nicolescu Tita (PSD+PC)

College 5: Gabrile Andronache (PD-L)

College 6: Lilli Ana Farkas (UDMR)

College 7: Florin Postolachi (PD-L)

College 8: Gheorghe Ialomiteanu (PD-L)


College 1: Iulian Marian Rasliu (PD-L)

College 2: Titus Corlatean (PSD+PC)

College 3: Ioan Ghise (PNL)

College 4: Florian Dumitru Staicu (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Diana Adriana Tusa (PNL)

College 2: Eugen Badalan (PD-L)

College 3: Viorel Balcan (PSD+PC)

College 4: Mihai Tudose (PSD+PC)

College 5: Cristian Rizea (PSD+PC)


College 1: Ion Rotaru (PSD+PC)

College 2: Sever Constantin Cibu (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Adrian Mocanu (PSD+PC)

College 2: George Scutaru (PNL)

College 3: Titi Holban (PNL)

College 4: Alecu Valeriu (PD-L)

College 5: Marian Ghiveciu (PSD+PC)

Coleguil 6: Carmen Moldovan (PSD+PC)

College 7: Cezar Preda (PD-L)


College 1: Viorel Constantinescu (PD-L)

College 2: Bigiu Marian Vasile (PNL)

College 3: Ion Vasile (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Ioan Damian (PSD+PC)

College 2: Eugen Nicolaescu (PNL)

College 3: Dan Motreanu (PNL)

College 4: Stelian Fuia (PD-L)

College 5: Dmutru Boabes (PSD+PC)


College 1: Vasile Nedelcu (PNL)

College 2: Constantin Dumitru (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Chisalita Ioan (PSD+PC)

College 2: Gheorghe Hogea (PD-L)

College 3: Ion Tabugan (PNL)

College 4: Valentin Rusu (PD-L)

College 5: Ion Mocioalca (PSD+PC)


College 1: Balan Gheorghe-Pavel (PSD+PC)

College 2: Secasan Iosif (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Mircea Giurgiu (PD-L)

College 2: Daniel Buda (PD-L)

College 3: Petru Calian (PD-L)

College 4: Adian Gurzau (PD-L)

College 5: Horea Uioreanu (PNL)

Coleguil 6: Cornel Itu (PSD+PC)

College 7: Vasile Soporan (PSD+PC)

College 8: Virgil Pop (PNL)

College 9: Palfi Mozes Zoltan (UDMR)

College 10: Mate Andras Levente (UDMR)


College 1: Mihail Hardau (PD-L)

College 2: Serban Radulescu (PD-L)

College 3: Marius Nicoara (PNL)

College 4: Alexandru Cordos (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gherghe Dragomir (PNL)

College 2: Mihai Lupu (PNL)

College 3: Ileana-Cristina Dumitrache (PSD+PC)

College 4: Constantin Chirila (PD-L)

College 5: Iorghus Zamfir (PD-L)

Coleguil 6: Eduard-Stelian Martin (PSD+PC)

College 7: Radu-Matei Bratianu (PSD+PC)

College 8: Manuela Mitrea (PSD+PC)

College 9: Antonella Marinescu (PSD+PC)

College 10: Maria Stavrositu (PD-L)


College 1: Puiu Hasoti (PNL)

College 2: Nicolae Moga (PSD+PC)

College 3: Alexandru Mazare (PSD+PC)

College 4: Mircea Marius Banias (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Edler Andras Gyorgy (UDMR)

College 2: Marton Arpad (UDMR)

College 3: Olosz Gergely (UDMR)

College 4: Horia Grama (PSD+PC)


College 1: Bokor Tiberiu (UDMR)

College 2: Almos Albert (UDMR)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gabriel Plaiasu (PNL)

College 2: Gheorghe Ana (PSD+PC)

College 3: Ion Stan (PSD+PC)

College 4: Gheorghe Albu (PD-L)

College 5: Georgica Dumitru (PD-L)

College 6: Ion Dumitru (PSD+PC)

College 7: Bogdan Catargiu (PD-L)

College 8: Iulian Vladu (PD-L)


College 1: Adrian Tutuianu (PSD+PC)

College 2: Mircea Andrei (PD-L)

College 3: Gigel Calcan (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Mihai Surpateanu (PD-L)

College 2: Constantin Dascalu (PD-L)

College 3: Marian Stroe (PNL)

College 4: Floretin Gust Balosin (PSD+PC)

College 5: Petre Petrescu (PSD+PC)

College 6: Claudiu Manda (PSD+PC)

College 7: Mihai Voicu (PNL)

College 8: Gelu Visan (PD-L)

College 9: Valeriu Zgonea (PSD+PC)

College 10: Ion Calin (PSD+PC)


College 1: Radu Berceanu (PD-L)

College 2: Tudor Udristoiui (PD-L)

College 3: Olguta Vasilescu (PSD+PC)

College 4: Mario Ovidiu Oprea (PNL)

College 5: Mircea Geoana (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Victor Paul Dobre (PNL)

College 2: Mircea Toader (PD-L)

College 3: Carmen Axenie (PD-L)

College 4: Viorel Stefan (PSD+PC)

College 5: Dan Nica (PSD+PC)

College 6: Florin Paslaru (PSD+PC)

College 7: Lucretia Rosca (PSD+PC)

College 8: Bigdan Ciuca (PSD+PC)

College 9: Mihail Boldea (PD-L)


College 1: Laurentiu Chirvasuta (PSD+PC)

College 2: Gheorghe Saghian (PSD+PC)

College 3: Paul Ichim (PNL)

College 4: Marius Necula (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Madalin Voicu (PSD+PC)

College 2: Victor Boiangiu (PD-L)

College 3: Dan Pasat (PNL)

College 4: Daniel Chitoiu (PNL)


College 1: Cezar Magureanu (PNL)

College 2: Vasile Mustatea (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Dan Ilie Morega (PNL)

College 2: Mugurel Surupaceanu (PSD+PC)

College 3: Cosmin Popescu (PD-L)

College 4: Constantin Militaru (PD-L)

College 5: Vasile Popeanga (PSD+PC)

College 6: Victor Ponta (PSD+PC)


College 1: Ion Ruset (PD-L)

College 2:Toni Grebla (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Korodi Attila (UDMR)

College 2: Kelemen Hunor (UDMR)

College 3: Antal Istvan (UDMR)

College 4: Pal Arpad (UDMR)

College 5: Mircea Dusa (PSD+PC)


College 1: Gyerko Laszlo (UDMR)

College 2: Verestoy Attila (UDMR)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Laurentiu Nistor (PSD+PC)

College 2: Iosif-Veniamin Blaga (PD-L)

College 3: Ioan Timis (PNL)

College 4: Cornel Resmerita (PSD+PC)

College 5: Monica Iacob-Ridzi (PD-L)

College 6: Radu Timpau (PNL)

College 7: Viorel Arion (PD-L)


College 1: Cosmin Nicula (PSD+PC)

College 2: Dorin Paran (PD-L)

College 3: Dan Radu Rusanu (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Cristina Pocora (PNL)

College 2: Marian Neacsu (PSP+PC)

College 3: Dan Mircea Popescu (PSD+PC)

College 4: Tinel Gheorghe (PD-L)


College 1: Tudor Panturu (PD-L)

College 2: Mihaita Gaina (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Luminita Iordache (PSD+PC)

College 2: Relu Fenechiu (PNL)

College 3: Petru Movila (PD-L)

College 4: Vasile Mocanu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Neculai Ratoi (PSD+PC)

College 6: Anghel Stanciu (PSD+PC)

College 7: Cristian Adomnitei (PNL)

College 8: Tudor Ciuhodaru (PSD+PC)

College 9: Vasile Oajdea (PD-L)

College 10: Teodor Spinu (PD-L)

College 11: Cristina Dobre (PNL)

College 12: Nicusor Paduraru (PD-L)


College 1: Varujan Vosganian (PNL)

College 2: Sorin Lazar (PSD+PC)

College 3: Florin Constantinescu (PSD+PC)

College 4: Mihaela Popa (PD-L)

College 5: Dumitru Oprea (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gabriel Oprea (PSD+PC)

College 2: Mircea Marin (PD-L)

College 3: Mihaela Sandru (PD-L)

College 4: Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PNL)


College 1: Anghel Iordanescu (PSD+PC)

College 2: Iulian Urban


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gheorghe Zoicas (PSD+PC)

College 2: Catalin Chereches (PSD+PC)

College 3: Nicolae Bud (PD-L)

College 4: Doru Lese (PD-L)

College 5: Pavel Horj (PNL)

College 6: Stefan Beres (UDMR)

College 7: Vasile Berci (PNL)


College 1: Liviu Titus Pasca (PNL)

College 2: Sorin Bota (PSD+PC)

College 3: Gheorghe Mahai Barlea (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Cornel Ghita (PD-L)

College 2: Doinita Chircu (PD-L)

College 3: Viorel Palasca (PNL)

College 4: Eugen Nicolicea (PSD+PC)


College 1: Mihai Stanisoara (PD-L)

College 2: Petre Daea (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Borbely Laszlo (UDMR)

College 2: Mihai Opriscan (PD-L)

College 3: Kelemen Attila (UDMR)

College 4: Victor Socaciu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Kerekes Karoly (UDMR)

College 6: Toader Stroian (PD-L)

College 7: Ciprian Dobre (PNL)

College 8: Vasile Gliga (PSD+PC)


College 1: Gyorgy Frunda (UDMR)

College 2: Marko Bela (UDMR)

College 3: Petru Basa (PD-L)

College 4: Corneliu Grosu (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Stelian Ghita-Eftemie (PD-L)

College 2: Mihaela Stoica (PD-L)

College 3: Culita Tarata (PSD+PC)

College 4: Marius Neculai (PD-L)

College 5: Ioan Muntean (PSD+PC)

College 6: Victor Surdu (PSD+PC)

College 7: Marius Rogin (PD-L)

College 8: Emil Bostan (PNL)


College 1: Toader Mocanu (PD-L)

College 2: Ioan Chelaru (PSD+PC)

College 3: Ovidius Marcutian (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Daniel Barbulescu (PD-L)

College 2: Nicolae Stan (PD-L)

College 3: Marin Bobes (PSD+PC)

College 4: Valeriu Steriu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Florin Iordache (PSD+PC)

College 6: Gigel Stirbu (PNL)

College 7: Doru Frunzulica (PSD+PC)


College 1: Mihai Nita (PD-L)

College 2: Ion Toma (PSD+PC)

College 3: Dan Sova (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Cristian Burlacu (PNL)

College 2: Florin Anghel (PD-L)

College 3: Gratiela Gavrilescu (PNL)

College 4: Marian Saniuta (PSD+PC)

College 5: Mihai Apostoloche (PSD+PC)

College 6: Razvan Turea (PSD+PC)

College 7: Adriana Saftoiu (PNL)

College 8: Adrian Nastase (PSD+PC)

College 9: George Ionescu (PD-L)

College 10: Sever Voinescu-Cotoi (PD-L)

College 11: Roberta Anastase (PD-L)

College 12: Andrei Sava (PD-L)


College 1: Georgica Severin (PD-L)

College 2: Iulian Badescu (PD-L)

College 3: Teodor Melescanu (PNL)

College 4: Sorin Chivu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Daniel Savu (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Gheorghe Ciocan (PSD+PC)

College 2: Ioan Holdis (PD-L)

College 3: Viorel Buda (PNL)

College 4: Varga Attila (UDMR)

College 5: Erdei Doloczki Istvan (UDMR)


College 1: Valer Marian (PSD+PC)

College 2: Tiberiu Gunthner (UDMR)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Lucian Bode (PD-L)

College 2: Seres Denes (UDMR)

College 3: Iuliu Nosa (PSD+PC)

College 4: Gheorghe Mirel Talos (PNL)


College 1: Fekete-Szabo Andras Levente (UDMR)

College 2: Gheorghe Pop (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Cornel Stirbet (PD-L)

College 2: Raluca Turcan (PD-L)

College 3: Gheorghe Roman (PD-L)

College 4: Ioan Cindrea (PSD+PC)

College 5: Silvestru Lup (PSD+PC)

College 6: Mircea Cazan (PNL)


College 1: Ion Ariton (PD-L)

College 2: Viorel Arcas (PSD+PC)

College 3: Minerva Boitan (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Sanda Ardeleanu (PD-L)

College 2: Ioan Balan (PD-L)

College 3: Eugen Uricec (PD-L)

College 4: Catalin Nechifor (PSD+PC)

College 5: Ioan Stan (PSD+PC)

College 6: Mircea Irimescu (PNL)

College 7: Gheorghe Coroama (PNL)

College 8: Eugen Bejinariu (PSD+PC)

College 9: Dumitru Pardau (PD-L)

College 10: Gabriel Gospodaru (PD-L)


College 1: Sorin Fodoreanu (PD-L)

College 2: Orest Onofrei (PD-L)

College 3: Gavril Marza (PSD+PC)

College 4: Tiberiu Prodan (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Robert Negoita (PSD+PC)

College 2: Nicolae Banicioiu (PSD+PC)

College 3: Adrian Badulescu (PD-L)

College 4: Adrian Florescu (PD-L)

College 5: George Dumitrica (PNL)

College 6: Marin Almajanu (PNL)


College 1: Serban Mihailescu (PSD+PC)

College 2: Romeo Nicoara (PNL)

College 3: Alexandru Mocanu (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Horia Cristian (PNL)

College 2: Iosif Stefan Dragulescu (PD-L)

College 3: Marius Cristinel Dugulescu (PD-L)

College 4: Eugenia Maria Barna (PSD+PC)

College 5: Florin Augustin Popoviciu (PD-L)

College 6: Valeriu Tabara (PD-L)

College 7: Constantin Sorin Stragea (PSD+PC)

College 8: Claudiu Taga (PNL)

College 9: Dorel Covaci (PSD+PC)

College 10: Gheorghe Ciobanu (PD-L)


College 1: Gheorghe David (PD-L)

College 2: Nicolae Robu (PNL)

College 3:Constantin Vasile Borza Dorel (PD-L)

College 4: Ilie Sarbu (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Marian Avram (PD-L)

College 2: Mihai Stroe (PD-L)

College 3: Horia Teodorescu (PSD+PC)

College 4: Marius Octavian Popa (PNL)


College 1: Ion Bara (PD-L)

College 2: Trifon Belacurencu (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Victor Cristea (PSD+PC)

College 2: Dan Bordeianu (PNL)

College 3: Dragos Iftime (PD-L)

College 4: Adrian Solomon (PSD+PC)

College 5: Viorel Carare (PD-L)

College 6: Mihai Dan Marian (PNL)

College 7: Marian Sarbu (PSD+PC)


College 1: Doina Silistru (PSD+PC)

College 2: Vasile Pintilie (PD-L)

College 3: Cristian David (PNL)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Sorin Stefan Zamfirescu (PD-L)

College 2: Samuil Valcu (PD-L)

College 3: Constantin Maziliu (PSD+PC)

College 4: Vasile Bleotu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Cristian Buican (PNL)

College 6: Aurel Vladoiu (PSD+PC)


College 1: Florian Laurentiu Coca (PSD+PC)

College 2: Valentin Emilian Francu (PNL)

College 3: Jurcan Dorel (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1:Razvan Mustea Serban (PD-L)

College 2: Angel Talvar (PSD+PC)

College 3: Nini Sapunaru (PNL)

College 4: Sorin Cristian Dumitrescu (PSD+PC)

College 5: Alin Trasculescu (PD-L)

College 6: Ciprian Nicolae Nica (PSD+PC)


College 1: Sorina Placinta (PD-L)

College 2: Miron Mitrea (PSD+PC)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: Bogdan Olteanu (PNL)

College 2: Daniel Budurescu (PNL)

College 3: Ludovic Orban (PNL)

College 4: Costica Canacheu (PD-L)

College 5: Georgian Pop (PSD+PC)

College 6: Rodica Nassar (PSD+PC)

College 7: Florian Popa (PSD+PC)

College 8: Brandusa Novac (PD-L)

College 9:Theodor Paleologu (PD-L)

College 10: Catalin Croitoru (PD-L)

College 11: Sulfina Barbu(PD-L)

College 12: Cristian Petrescu (PD-L)

College 13: Danile Pirpiliu (PD-L)

College 14: Radu Zatreanu (PD-L)

College 15: Silviu Prigoana (PD-L)

College 16: Sergiu Andon (PSD+PC)

College 17: Ruxadra Jipa (PSD+PC)

College 18: Doina Burcau (PSD+PC)

College 19: Daniela Popa (PC)

College 20: Oana Niculescu-Mizil (PSD)

College 21: Dumitru Chirita (PSD+PC)

College 22: Alina Gorghiu (PNL)

College 23: Aura Vasile (PSD+PC)

College 24: Daniel Geanta (PD-L)

College 25: Elena Udrea(PD-L)

College 26: Florea Damian (PSD+PC)

College 27: Cornel Pieptea (PNL)

College 28: Danut Liga (PD-L)


College 1: Sergiu Nicolaescu (PSD)

College 2: Crin Antonescu (PNL)

College 3: Cristi Diaconescu (PSD)

College 4: Anca Boagiu (PD-L)

College 5: Vasile Blaga (PD-L)

College 6: Cristian Radulescu (PD-L)

College 7: Cristian Topescu (PNL)

College 8: Dan Voiculescu (PC)

College 9: Catalin Voicu (PSD)

College 10: Ecaterina Andronescu (PSD)

College 11: Radu F. Alexandru (PD-L)

College 12: Gabriel Mutu (PD-L)


Chamber of Deputies

College 1: William Branza (PD-L)

College 2: Tudor Pantaru (PSD+PC)

College 3: Mircea Lubanovici (PD-L)

College 4: Koto Iosif (UDMR)


College 1: Viorel Riceard Badea (PD-L)

College 2: Raymond Luca (PNL)