Romania president Traian Basescu meets on Friday the delegations of the main political parties, in the attempt to establish the structure of the future Government. After seeing the minorities' group, the president met the officials of the Hungarian Democratic Union (UDMR). Upon his departure, UDMR president Marko Bela declared that president Basescu agreed with UDMR taking part of the future Governmental team. In Marko's opinion, the best solution for obtaining a stable majority would be an UDMR - Democrat Liberals (PDL) - Liberal (PNL) alliance.

Update 1: Liberal leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared after meeting Traian Basescu that his party will only accept a cabinet led by a Liberal and will sign an alliance only with a party that guarantees to accept the anti-crisis plan put up by the Tariceanu government.

Update 2: Social Democrat president Mircea Geoana: "Our claims to nominate the Prime Minister and to take seats on the Cabinet proportionally with the electoral score are justified".

Update 3: "Democrat Liberal leader Emil Boc: PD-L will be the center of the government it will form. We will negotiate with all parties, but the first option is the Liberal Party".

The main statements made by party leaders after meeting president Basescu

Marko Bela, Hungarian Democrats:

- The consultations had a relaxed tone;

- Our preference is towards forming an alliance with the Democrat Liberals and the Liberals;

- The president agreed that UDMR should be part of the Government;

- UDMR politicians have a great deal of experience;

- We didn't ask for any minister seat;

- Romania needs an infrastructure development strategy.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, PNL:

- We wish for a Government led by a Liberal Prime Minister;

- I asked the president to take into account the fact that we will not give up out conditions. An absolute condition for PNL to participate in the Government is that the future cabinet accepts the anti-crisis plan put up by the current cabinet.

Mircea Geoana, Social Democrats:

- The meeting with president Basescu was very fruitful;

- The president admitted that PSD won the elections and that only because of an imperfect law the number of mandates was not the highest among parties;

- We presented some of our governing program and our anti-crisis plan;

- In our opinion, Romania needs a wide parliamentarian majority. The head of state did not exclude a minority Government;

- We are willing to participate in the forming of a wide parliamentarian majority and to support the most competent government Romania can find at this point;

- An important demand is to gain seat in the Government according to our electoral score.

Emil Boc, Democrat-Liberals:

- The option of PD-L is to form a cabinet around PD-L

- This option is based on the fact that we won the largest number of Parliamentarian mandates, a fact that gives us the right to the first option to designate a Prime Minister and form a coalition;

- We obtained the most mandates, but not a majority, so we have to form a majority. We will negotiate with all parties, but the first option is an alliance with the Liberals.

- The main target is to create jobs. We don't pretend our program is the perfect program, is where we start from;

- Our governance program is based on the needs of all Romanians;

- The suggestion PD-L makes for the Prime Minister seat has not changed (Theodor Stolojan, our note).