Negotiations over the formation of Romania's new government following the undecided November 30 general elections report a new twist on Monday. Social Democratic (PSD) officials voted on Monday for talks with Democratic Liberals (PD-L) for the formation of a governmental majority, PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced at the end of party-level taks today. But PSD says it would not form a government with the participation of Hungarian Democrats. PD-L officials said however that options are open for talks with other parties.

41 members of the PSD voted for negotiations with PD-L, while 17 voted against during talks today.

Should such negotiations lead to the formation of a new government, it would leave out the Liberals (PNL), who came third in the general elections.

According to statements made by PSD leaders over the past several days, there were two trends within party ranks - one led by PSD leader Miron Mitrea who wanted a government with PD-L and another led by Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase, who would like an alliance with the PNL either in power or in opposition.

For his part, PD-L president Emil Boc said on Monday following a party leadership reunion that the group would continue talks with "both parties" as a new round of negotiations would start on Tuesday morning.

And UDMR leader Marko Bela, quoted by Antena 3 news television, said he would not believe PD-L would drop a deal with his political group to include UDMR in a future government with PD-L participation.