Romanian President Traian Basescu announced on Wednesday he designated Theodor Stolojan, a leader of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), as future prime minister of the country. Stolojan is due to form a new government which then must be approved by the Parliament.

Basescu said in a public announcement that he opted for Stolojan for a full 4-year government and not for a government due to survive for an interim period. Speculation was ripe about such an alternative following the November 30 general elections, which led to a parliament with an undecided majority.

Theodor Stolojan said for his part he would work for the next ten days with representatives with his party PD-L, with Social Democrats (PSD) and the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR). He presented the latter two as the two parties who showed interest in forming a coalition government with PD-L.

Leaders of all parliamentary parties had been invited to the presidential palace for talks with President Basescu prior to the press statements at 1.00 p.m. on Wednesday.

But talks on a coalition majority were made difficult earlier this week by a PSD announcement tha the party would be ready for a government along with the PD-L, but excluding the UDMR.