Anti graft prosecutors distraint PSD leader Miron Mitrea's house, in Dr Lister Street in Bucharest, which he owns, together with his wife. Prosecutors want to make sure that in this way, they will recover a 7 billion Romanian Ron prejudice, NewsIn informs. The information was confirmed by Miron Mitrea, who declared that prosecutors distrainted his house on Tuesday, December 9.

He declared that this has nothing to do with the formation of the new government, that this is his own personal war with prosecutors. Anti graft prosecutors started on October 1, for the third time, a penal investigation against Mirea in the file regarding the renovation of his mother's house.

Considering that all legal procedures were fulfilled, on October 10 prosecutors announced Miron Mitrea that he is under investigation for bribery, forgery and corruption. According to anti-graft prosecutors, Miron Mitrea was well aware of the accusations since February 2006. However, due to legislative changes, the process was delayed.

Mitrea was accused that he receive bribe from Irina Jianu when Jianu's companies renovated Mitrea's house in Baneasa, Bucharest. The house was renovated in between 2001 and 2004 by three companies owned by Jianu.