Social Democrats (PSD) and Democrat Liberals (PDL) gather a dozen high-level corruption files and tens of others all around the country. According to sources, four files are close to being sent to Court, probably next week. Among them, the file against Miron Mitrea, who would thus be prevented from participating in the future Government. counted the main files and their status.

Although Social Democrat Adrian Nastase managed to avoid being put under criminal investigation in several files - all blocked by the Parliament, one of the files is for deeds while he was not a high official and can be sent to Court without a favorable notice from the Parliament. In the fourth file against him, Nastase is suspect of receiving some 3 million Euros, obtained from fictive commercial operations with the financing for his electoral campaign.

Former Transport Minister Miron Mitrea is investigated for accepting bribe and illegal terrain deals.

Conservative president Dan Voiculescu is accused of receiving funds coming from money laundering operations. The file emerged from another file, against Conservative vice president George Copos. (Note: Conservatives and PSD participated as an alliance in the last round of elections.)

Mugurel Surupaceanu, another party official is investigated for selling a tank as mining equipment and causing an 800,000 RON (some 230,000 Euros) prejudice to a mining company.

Former Privatization Minister Ovidiu Musetescu has several criminal files opened on his name, all regarding major privatizations between 2001 and 2005.

Cristian Boureanu (PD-L) - investigated for abuse in office.

Serban Mihailescu (PSD+PC) - investigated for illegally bringing hunting weapons and ammunition in Romania and for accepting bribe.

Files already in Court

Dan Voiculescu (PSD+PC) - Food Research Institute privatization file, suspect in a real estate sub evaluation conspiracy.

Dan Ilie Morega (PNL) - accused of using his influence in order to gather money for the party.

Gavril Marza (PSD+PC) - accused of using his influence in order to gather money for the party, via a "cultural foundation".

Radu Mazare (PSD+PC) - accused of illegal retrocession.

Ion Stan (PSD+PC) - Intelligence officer charged with oil smuggling.

Gheorghe Falca (PD-L) - accused of bribe, abuse in office.

Marian Oprisan (PSD+PC) - accused of abuse in office, detouring funds from credits to other destinations, forgery and use of forged documents.

Relu Fenechiu (PNL) - accused of selling over evaluated and counterfeit industrial goods to a state-owned company. The same file also involves his party colleagues Tudor Chiuariu (former Justice Minister) and Cristian Adomnitei (former Education Minister).

Paul Pacuraru (PNL) - accused of accepting bribe.

Tudor Chiuariu (PNL) - accused of illegal steps leading to the obtaining by the Postal Company of a terrain and a building. The same file involves former Telecomm minister Nagy Zsolt.

Dan Ilie Morega (PNL) - accused of using his influence in order to gather money for the party.

Traian Remes (PNL) - accused of influence trafficking and accepting bribe.