Theodor Stolojan resigned due to some misunderstandings within the Democratic Liberal party, tensions that arose between former Democrats and Democrat Liberals on how to split the functions in the new government, sources in the party declared. Others however claim that the main reason was a secret agreement, with unacceptable terms, which the Social Democrats tried to impose on the new Prime Minister.

Stolojan demanded that the future seats of the government should be split equally among the two parties that fused and formed the Democrat Liberal party, namely the Democrats and Stolojan's small party, the Liberal Democrats. However, it seems that fights between the two camps arose in the last two days even if they drew up strict provisions on the way the seats will be shared.

According to sources in the Democrat Liberal camp Stolojan declared that he urged the Democrats to offer Liberal Democrats, now part of their party, the same number of seats in the new government.

Other sources deny any tension within the party and declared that the tensions arose from the Social Democratic camp. They claim that there was a secret agreement that the Social Democrats pushed for, which would pressure the Prime Minister to take certain policies.

It seems that Stolojan did not manage to get through the tough negotiations and called up the President this weekend to tell him that he will resign. Sources in the Presidency confirmed and added that his behavior turned everything up side down. Apparently, Basescu hoped that Stolojan would change his mind.