The new alliance between the Social Democrats and the Democrat Liberals will move further, Emil Boc, who was nominated for prime minister on Monday, declared after meeting representatives of the other parties. At his turn, PSD Mircea Geoana declared that his party is not interested in the decisions taken in the other party and there are no comments to be made about it.

He added that the new executive will receive 70% of the votes in the Parliament, the sum of the total mandates obtained by the two parties in the Parliamentary elections on November 30.

Geoana declared that on Friday, the new PM nominee, Emil Boc would submit the governmental program in the Parliament. He added that the schedule would not change and the most important thing for the party was to offer Romania a stable and efficient Government as soon as possible.

He declared that this first problem outlines the responsibility and the seriousness of the two parties and their intention to move forward.