The designated Prime Minister, Emil Boc, declared on Tuesday that the discussions within the Directing College established so far an interim governing program and that the governing program as well as the names in the future Cabinet may be sent for Parliamentarian approval on Friday. Boc believes that the members of the future Government will be heard on Saturday and Sunday. "First we establish the number of ministries, then we share them, and only then there will be nominees", said the Democrat Liberal leader.

Boc's main statements:

- We will negotiate with the Social Democrats the structure of the future Government;

- We will let you know as soon as we reach a final shape;

- The Government's structure published by some media is an interim structure;

- The leadership structures will have a final shape on Friday;

- We'll analyze the nominees for each ministry on Saturday and Sunday;

- The list of ministers will be submitted in the Parliament by Friday;

- We have a 3.5 - 4% budgetary deficit.