The alliance of Social Democrats (PSD) and Conservative Party (PC) along with the Democratic Liberals (PD-L) are bringing the final touches to the list of Romania's new government on Thursday. Several names have been circulating about the government due to be established following the November 30 general elections. including that of ex-Bucharest mayor Adriean Videanu for the Economy Ministry.

Nominations for the ministerial seats will be done by secret vote.

PD-L proposals:

  • Finance Ministry - Gheorghe Pogea
  • Transport and Infrastructure Ministry - Radu Berceanu
  • Economy Ministry - Adriean Videanu
  • Defense Ministry - Mihai Stanisoara
  • Regional Development and Housing Ministry - Vasile Blaga
  • Communications Ministry - Gabriel Sandu
  • Culture and Cults Ministry - Toader Paleologu
  • Youth and Sport Ministry - Monicai Iacob Ridzi
  • Tourism Ministry - Elena Udrea

PSD proposals:

  • Labor, Family and Welfare Ministry - Marian Sarbu
  • Education and Research Ministry - Ecaterina Andronescu
  • Health Ministry - Irinel Popescu, Florian Popa or Ionut Bazac
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry - Ilie Sarbu
  • Interior and Administration Ministry - Gabriel Oprea or Catalin Voicu
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry - Cristian Diaconescu or Titus Corlateanu
  • Environment Ministry - Rovana Plumb or Nicolae Nemirschi
  • SME, Trade and Businesses Ministry - Ioan Toma or Constantin Nita
  • Minister for the relations with the Parliament - Victor Ponta