The Emil Boc Government has the scheme filled up, after the two main parties, Democrat Liberals (PDL) and Social Democrats (PSD) finished negotiating the way ministries should be shared.

The leading structures in PDL and PSD nominated their suggestions for the minister seats in the future cabinet. The nominees are subject to the Parliament's approval, where the two parties gather 70% of the votes.

PDL nominees:

Finance Ministry: Gheorghe Pogea

Born in 1955, Pogea graduated from a technical faculty to become general manager of the Hunedoara Steel Plant (1997-2001). After 2001, he was general manger at SC "Marmosim" SA Simeria, a company owned by the former Bucharest mayor, Adriean Videanu. Videanu is also part of the current Government scheme.

Transport Ministry: Radu Berceanu

PDL vice president, Berceanu was a deputy ever after 1990. He also was Minister of Industry Trade (1998-1999) and Transport Minister (2006-2007). He was accused in several occasions of illegal affairs, from illegal VAT return and debts to the state budget to car trafficking.

Economy Ministry: Adriean Videanu

PDL executive president, entered politics since the early '90's. Bucharest mayor between 2005 and 2008.

Defense Ministry: Mihai Stanisoara

Deputy between 2004 and 2007, presidential counselor, president of the Defense, Public Safety and National Security Commission. Also former secretary general of the Defense Ministry (2000)

Regional Development and Homes Ministry: Vasile Blaga

Graduate of a technical aviation school and of the National Defense Institute; former Interior Minister (2004 - 2007) and Bucharest Senator. Also former Regional Customs Department chief in Oradea. Considered as the best candidate for the Interior Ministry, he was rather put aside during the PDL - PSD negotiations.

IT&C Ministry: Gabriel Sandu

PDL vice president, former import - export manager at Relaxa Mizil, then vice president with Elvila International (owned by the former Liberal leader Viorel Catarama), part of the dissident group that left Liberals to form the Liberal - Democrat Party, then merge with the Democrats into the exisitng Democrat - Liberal Party (PDL).

Culture Ministry: Toader Paleologu

Deputy elected in the 2008 parliamentarian elections, graduate of several important higher education institutions, as well visiting professor at others. Son of Alexandru Paleologu, one of the main civil society voices after 1990.

Youth and Sport Ministry: Monica Iacob Ridzi

Member of the European Parliament, deputy in the Romanian Parliament (2004 - 2007), vice president of the European Affairs commission in the House of Deputies.

Tourism Ministry: Elena Udrea

Deputy in the Romanian Parliament, former State Counselor, Secretary with the President's Chancellor, counselor for the Bucharest City Hall, also lawyer.

PSD nominees:

Vice Prime Minister: Dan Nica

PSD vice president, former IT&C Minister (2000 - 2004), deputy and member of the Industry Commission in the House of Deputies. Nica lost a lawsuit against the Coalition for a Clean Government, an NGO that claimed he doesn't fulfill the moral integrity standards to be elected. He was also accused of giving up one of the state's conditions in the privatization of Romtelecom, the former state-owned national wired telephony operator.

Labor, Family and Social Protection Ministry: Marian Sarbu

Former Labor and Social Solidarity Minister, born in 1958. Law school graduate.

Education Ministry: Ecaterina Andronescu

Former Education Minister, stirred a lot of controversies because of her decisions, which led the Romanian Education system to a state of confusion.

Health Ministry: Ionut Bazac

Medicine school graduate, Bazac was heard by the National Anti Graft Prosecution Office in a file investigating the illegal transfer of 5 billion lei to interim commercial companies, during the public procurement procedures for air cleansers in hospitals.

Agriculture Ministry: Ilie Sarbu

Former priest, accused by a former Securitate officer of accepting to collaborate with Ceausescu's political police and of involving in a secret services mission to Vatican. CNSAS (the body enabled to study the Securitate archives) decided that Sarbu was not a secret police collaborator, but further evidence seemed to re-confirm the rumors. Ilie Sarbu denies any collaboration.

Interior Ministry: Gabriel Oprea;

Repeatedly pointed at by the Coalition for a Clean Government. He is said to have leased a piece of land in downtown Bucharest, which eventually went to a controversial businessman, Gigi Netoiu.

Foreign Ministry: Cristian Diaconescu

Former Foreign Minister, member of the Communist Party between 1982 and 1989. He had a relationship with the Securitate and leading positions in the Communist youth organization.

Environment Ministry: Nicolae Nemirschi

Constanta vice mayor, known as the right hand of controversial mayor Radu Mazare, Nemirschi will lead one of the ministries that has access to a lot of EU funds.

SMEs, Trade and Business: Constantin Nita

According to some articles published by the Romanian newspapers, Nita's name was mentioned by Italian Mafia bosses during some tapped phone conversations as their representative in Romania.

Ministry for the Relationship with the Parliament: Victor Ponta

Former chief of the Government's Control Body in the Nastase Government, he was accused of covering up a governmental funds scandal involving the EU Accession Minister, Hildegard Puwak.