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Emil Boc: before giving an answer to the 50% teachers' salary increase, we need some time. At the moment, there are no money: salaries, allocations and pensions are not paid

de A.C.
Vineri, 19 decembrie 2008, 18:44 English | Politics

Future Prime Minister Emil Boc declared that his team will need up more time in order to revise the status of the state's budget before giving a clear cut answer to the 50% teachers' salary increase. Boc dclared that at the moment, in the country salaries, pensions and allocations are not paid.

Boc added that he needs more time to revise the budget afterwhich he will implement the promises made in the electoral campaign. On the other hand, the future Prime Minister declared that he will have a partnership of four years with unions all over the country.

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