Designated ministers, part of PM Boc's government received the approval of the specialized parliamentary committees after an audit in the Parliament of Romania on Saturday. Each minister was questioned for about one hour and all ministers received the approval of the respective committee.

Here is the list of the new ministers:

Prime minister: Emil Boc

Deputy prime minister: Dan Nica (PSD)

Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection: Marian Sarbu

Ministry of Agriculture: Ilie Sarbu

Ministry of Education: Ecaterina Andronescu

Ministry of Health: Ionut Bazac

Ministry for Parliamentary relations: Victor Ponta

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Cristian Diaconescu

Ministry of Commerce: Constantin Nita

Ministry of Interior: Gabriel Oprea

Ministry of Environment: Nicolae Nemirschi

Ministry of Economy: Adriean Videanu

Ministry of Finance: Gheorghe Pogea

Ministry of Transports: Radu Berceanu

Ministry of Defence: Mihai Stanisoara

Ministry of Regional Development: Vasile Blaga

Ministry of Culture: Toader Paleologu

Ministry of Youth and Sports: Monica Iacob Ridzi

Ministry of Tourism: Elena Udrea

Ministry of Communication: Gabriel Sandu

Ministry of Justice: Catalin Predoiu