The first decision announced by the new Trasport Minister, Radu Berceanu, is the he will sack all 24 managers of the ministry's departments and subordinated agencies. "It's not possible to have a minister's wage of 40 million lei and a agency manager wage of 300 millions. The lack of common sense is above the limit and it is hard to support such wages from the state budget", said Berceanu.

"The Tariceanu government issued an emergency ordinance in June, ruling that the salaries of these managers can't be above the ones of deputy ministers, but they earn huge amounts, beside the salaries, out of incentives and by participating in various administration boards. The guilt for this situation belongs to the former Government", explained Berceanu.

"The decision to change all managers is obvuisly the beginning of politicizeng the management of the institution and of all subordinated agencies. You can't lay off people for populist reasons such as their high wages", said the former Transport Minister, Ludovic Orban. "The less money the manager earns, the less motivated he is", added Orban.