Romania President Traian Basescu declared on Tuesday that he would not have a negative reaction against the Government should it decide to freeze the increase of both salaries and pensions for six months, after a deal with the trade unions.

He added that the decision needed to be well considered to avoid a collapse of the whole system. Moreover, he underlined that all governments worked based on priorities and no government resolved all their set priorities.

The modernization of the state is a way of fighting against the crisis, which will eventually pass. If we enter a modernization stage, the education will be a priority, according to Basescu.

UPDATE Both political and union leaders reacted aggressively against the President's declarations. PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared for Gandul that his party will not agree to this measure. He added that, within the limits of the budget the salaries of professors and the pensions must increase in accordance to electoral promises.

Moreover, he admitted that this possibility was discussed in the government but there was no real support for it.

Politicians are not the only ones reacting: union leaders announced that by Friday they will make public their decisions in case the government will decide to block any salary increases, NewsIn informs quoting SANITAS health union leader Adrian Barea.

Education unions threaten to take tough measures if the Executive will frozen salaries, Alma Mater leader Razvan Bobulescu announced.

From a European perspective, the controversy regarding the government's possible decision to block the increase of salaries for the upcoming month, the issue is regarded as just, given the economic conditions. European Institute director Gabriela Dragan declared for that the crisis periods impose certain exceptional measures.

Romanian MEP Daniel Daianu declared that the measure is natural for a crisis period but the trouble is that these promises were initially made.