Gunther Krichbaum, the head of the European Affairs Commission of in the German Bundestag, offered an exclusive interview for the Romanian department of Deutsche Welle. Without anti-corruption results, Romania may expect sanctions from the European Commission, the case that ties together all current problems being the one of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase.

Krichbaum's statements, in brief:

- A well known file is the one against Adrian Nastase. In this case, we would like to see, step by step, some results.

- It is not the Parliament's job to declare Nastase guilty or innocent. The decision took in the Juridical Commission of the House of Deputies - not to admit sending Nastase to court - is, from this point of view, unacceptable.

- The report on Romania, to be released in June, will include sanctions against Romania, in case the expected progress is not recorded.

- Romania, Germany and all other states on the shores of the Danube river can develop a good collaboration;

- Romania proves responsibility in its policies for the Black Sea, and also in developing a Danube policy.