Dan Nica, the new Interior and Administration Minister was formally invested in office on Thursday. During the ceremony, Romania president Traian Basescu took the opportunity to declare that the institution should not be judged after some accidents, but considering its entire activity.

President Basescu's statements, in brief:

- It is for the first time that the interior minister is also vice prime minister, a fact that indicates the importance of this institution;

- We should not accuse the systems, we should clean up the systems;

- It is not the system that has problems, it is about the people in the system;

- It's not only me who trusts your institution, polls show that the ministry is trusted by citizens as well;

- This confidence must be consolidated, not lost;

- The people should not judge the state structures after some accident - that exist in all social and economic areas. All structures have good people and people that don't belong there.

- Increasing wages in this institution is a major risk.

- The level of autonomy must increase.