Romania president Traian Basescu declared on Thursday that the territorial autonomy is not possible in Romania and that the politicians who try to fool electors claiming otherwise will harvest the fruits of their own lies. The entire quarrel around the Hungarians' minority autonomy was re-launched after the president declared at the beginning of February, while visiting Hungary, that the autonomy can never exist. Hungarian Democrats' party officials reacted, with the group president even declaring that Romania "is not a national state".

"Hungarians must be able to learn in their native language, address the Justice system in Hungarian, have parliamentarian and local administration representation and follow higher education in their language", said Basescu in his last intervention. Still, "this country's territory can not be shared after the desire of some politicians who swear in front of the Parliament to respect the Constitution and, when they get back home, they whip up to disobedience to the law", said the president.