Independent Romanian EP Laszlo Tokes accused in front of the European Parliament Romania's policies regarding the Hungarian minority. According to the official, the "ethnic proportions are artificially changed aiming at the homogenization and Romanization of the Transylvanian population". Tokes also accuses the "opposition" Bucharest officials proves in the matter of the territorial autonomy of the Hungarian ethnics.

Tokes' statements, in brief:

- After the elections last fall and after the new Government was formed, same as it happened in Slovakia, the anti-Hungarian instigation makes a comeback in the Romanian political life;

- President Basescu accused Hungarians in an absurd manner of "ethnic cleansing". At the same time, in Cluj, the campaign went on using the same defamations. After decades of discrimination and lack of rights, who is accusing who?

- I want to draw the attention to this Parliament that, in Romania, the homogenization and "Romanization" of Transylvania continues through subtle methods, mainly through the artificial change of ethnic proportions.

- The nationalist speech has returned to the Romanian politics.

Tokes explained his intervention claiming that the statements recently made by Romania president Traian Basescu (that the Hungarians will never be autonomous in Romania) stirred discontent in the Hungarian public opinion.

Laszlo Tokes, an independent European Parliamentarian after the elections in 2007, was part of the Hungarians' Democratic Union in Romania, then split the party to form the Hungarian Civic Union, a more radical wing representing the Hungarian minority's interests.