Social Democrats launched its candidates for the June 2009 European Parliamentary elections at Romexpo, Bucharest on Friday. Social Democratic President, Mircea Geoana did not miss the opportunity to launch an attack against his future Presidential counter-candidate, incumbent President Traian Basescu.

Follow the main declarations in the article.

Here are Geoana's main declarations:

  • 2009 is an important year for the Social Democrats as they must lead the change in Romania
  • 2009 will mark the Social Democratic year in Romania and in the world
  • the key to the economic crisis rests in the Social Democratic hands
  • The right-wing parties ruled Romania in times of economic heaven: if they failed to manage the country in those times, how can we trust their judgement in times of turmoil?
  • 2009 must represent the end of President Basescu's rule
  • Romania's right wing parties are the same as the European right wing ones, who increased their attacks against Romanians across Europe
  • 2009 will mark a real change for the Social Democratic Party when we will win elections
  • Social Democrats will win, and all Romanian will win along side