A joint session of the permanent offices of the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament decided on Wednesday that the two judicial codes currently discussed - the Civil and Penal Codes - would be submitted as legislative initiatives in the Senate. Social Democrats managed to force through their points of view on the issue during the session, so that the two codes be adopted by parliamentary procedure, but issues are far from settled.

The fate of the two codes, which have been subject of major disputes, is seen as crucial for the reform of Romanian justice system.

According to HotNews.ro sources, President Traian Basescu urged the Democrats Liberals - PD-L, they key party supporting him but which forms a government coalition with Social Democratic (PSD) opponents - that the Government should take direct responsibility for the codes to avoid a lengthy adoption procedure in the Parliament.

The governing coalition of PD-L and PSD is due to meet in a session next week to debate the procedure of the judicial codes again.