Romania considers that signing a border treaty with the Republic of Moldova is futile, since the neighbouring state is the inheritor of a part of the ex-USSR border, which has been acknowledged by Bucharest in the past, Romanian incumbent President Traian Basescu declared on Friday, during the first Forum for local Romanian and Moldovan authorities taking place in Piatra Neamt (part of the historic Moldova region in East Romania).

"We believe signing a border treaty to be futile. It would turn the Romanian head of state into a Ribbentrop-Molotov partner", Traian Basescu said.

"Who could imagine that a Romanian head of state would sign a treaty that would recognize the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact? (...) Only a mind that does not understand what the responsibility of the Romanian state means", he added.

Romanian President Basescu explained that Romania recognised the borders of the ex-USSR in the past, and that Moldova inherited part of this borders, thus rendering futile the signing of a new treaty.

These are President Traian Basescu’s the main declarations:

  • No matter the relationship at a governmental level, Romania will not cease to promote the idea that Moldova needs to be part of the EU.
  • One chief objective was to position the Republic of Moldova within the West Balkan states group. Irrespectively of the way state level relationships evolve, we will not change this policy.
  • Accelerating the process of granting citizenship for the republic of Moldova is a serious matter, which we negotiate with no one and which will speed up week to week.
  • Imposing visas for Romanian citizens contravenes the obligations assumed by the Republic of Moldova in its relationship with the EU. 
  • Introducing visas is an unacceptable measure that delays the bilateral cooperation plan.
  • I bear the hope we will surpass this difficult moment in the bilateral relationship.
  • I hope that the next government demonstrates more pragmatism and the desire to facilitate the cooperation relationships, to the benefit of both countries, but most of all, to the citizens’ benefit.

President Traian Basescu emphasised in the end of his speech that he was not lecturing the neighbour state.