Romanian Social-Democratic senator Miron Mitrea has declared he was disappointed by the declarations made by the German deputy Gunther Krichbaumm, who stated on Thursday that there were several ‘Adrian Nastase’ in Romania – meaning far-reaching politicians accused of corruption, among who the German deputy nominated the ex-PSD general secretary.

"I will overlook the impolite gesture that you made as a representative of the German Parliament coming to Romania and expressing opinions about a member of the Romanian Parliament, without even knowing him. I will overlook the fact that you spoke without documenting yourself about my case and about the accusations that I have been subject to", Social-Democratic Miron Mitrea stated in an article posted on his blog.

Senator Miron Mitrea draws to the attention of the German deputy that, if he had documented himself, he would have found out that the Romanian politician had given up his Parliamentary membership "so that justice could take its course and so that I would not hide behind parliamentary immunity".

"But I cannot overlook the fact that, as someone who knows Romania, you launched accusations that do not only harm me, but it harms particularly my country. I resigned from Parliament, as I mentioned, so that I would not do Romania’s image any harm", says Miron Mitrea.

The Romanian senator goes on to express his regret for this "lack of fair-play showed by a German MP." "My mother is a German citizen and my respect for your country is deeply rooted. I conclude, with the hope that you will make the rightful public rectifications, the way you made the declaration that led to my writing you a letter", Miron Mitrea wraps up.