The Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) coalition decided that the Government will take responsibility for the new Penal and Civil Codes starting June, Lib-Dem vice-president Gheorghe Flutur announced on Monday, after the coalition’s meeting.

Gheorghe Flutur states the next two weeks will see the codes being partially modified, according to the latest notes and observations. After the two codes are finished, the Executive will take full responsibility. The two codes will be discussed with civil society representatives during the next two weeks.

The fact that the Executive takes full responsibility for the Codes will allow the Parliament to adopt them through an emergency procedure.

Gheorghe Flutur declared it was possible for the Procedure Codes to be finalised as well by the end of this month. PDL-PSD members also decided to entrust the Finance Ministry with receiving all necessary approvals from the European Commission to capitalize CEC bank, Gheorghe Flutur noted.