The president of the commission for investigation of the April 7 events in Chisinau, Moldova claims that there is no evidence to attest Romania’s involvement in April’s social unrest. His statements contradict incumbent Moldovan president Vladimir Voronin, who declared there was solid proof indicating Romania’s involvement in organising the violent events in Chisinau, According to Jurnal de Chisinau quoted by Romanian press agency Mediafax.

President of the commission and prime-vice- president of Moldovan Parliament communist Vladimir Turcanu sustains that the commission could not find anything palpable. Reports of several state institutions are currently being analysed. The European institutions and the opposition parties will name their delegates that will investigate alongside the commission before any decision is taken.

Vladimir Vorononin declared for Russian radio Moldova’s Echo that "the results of the General Prosecutor's Office and of the special presidential commission demonstrate Romania’s involvement in organising the social unrest in Chisinau after the parliamentary elections". Voronin also suggested Romania could not have organised everything on its own.

He pointed out that there have been used extremely advanced technology against the Republic of Moldova, saying that the day of April 7 saw the presidential and the Ministry of Internal Affairs servers attacked. "80 – 90% of these attacks came from Romania, but there were attacks from other countries as well", Voronin said.