As few as 4% of Romanian voters showed up at polling stations across the country in European Parliament elections by 10.00 on Sunday, the Central Electoral Office announced. Turnout in rural areas stood at 5.07%, while turnout in urban areas was limited to 3.22%.

In Bucharest, only 2.79% showed up and voted by 10.00, with the highest turnout in Bucharest District 1 (3.66%). Turnout was lowest in District 3 - 2.01%.

Turnout was above average in 21 counties across the country, with the largest number of votes reported in the county of Teleorman (9.02%).

The lowest turnout was reported in the county of Maramures, with 2.29%.

1,700 Romanian citizens voted at polling stations opened abroad by 10.00 a.m. Romanian time.