Several incidents have been reported at polling stations across the country as Romania votes in European Parliament elections on Sunday. Incidents included collective voting and double votes.

  • The Liberals (PNL) are claiming "electoral tourism" started from early hours on Sunday. They said groups of voters from the county of Ilfov surrounding the capital city and from and the city of Targoviste, NW of Bucharest were brought to polling stations in Bucharest to vote on supplementary lists of voters.
  • PNL also claimed the Democrat Liberals (PD-L) prompted a football team in a small town to vote for PD-L candidates in exchange of promises the team will receive funds.
  • The electoral office in the county of Giurgiu south of Bucharest informed members of the Giurgiu branch of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) offered hundreds of mobile phones as "electoral bribes" to people in a village on Saturday and Sunday.
  • PSD Cluj notified the regional electoral office that some polling stations had more ballots available than the number registered officially.
  • A criminal complaint was filed against a member of a polling station in Craiova, representing the Greater Romania Party as the voting section president found the man had voted twice.
  • The National Peasants Party (PNTCD) says voters from Moldova were brought to a polling station In Bucharest and quotes them as saying they were voting for Gigi Becali, a controversial businessman politician running on the Greater Romania Party (PRM) lists.
  • Five buses carrying 70 people from Giurgiu to Bucharest were halted by police on Sunday under the suspicion of "electoral tourism", according to administrative sources.