10.24% of Romanian voters showed up at polling stations across the country in European Parliament elections by 1.00 p.m. on Sunday, the Central Electoral Office announced. Turnout in rural areas stood at 12.56%, while turnout in urban areas was limited to 8.55%.

The figures are lower than at the first European Parliament elections that took place in Romania in 2007.

In Bucharest, only 7.34% of voters showed up and voted by 1.00 p.m., with the highest turnout in Bucharest District 1 (9.44%). Turnout was lowest in District 3 - 5.9%.

By 1.00 p.m., turnout was above average in 19 counties across the country, with the largest number of votes reported in the county of Teleorman (19.19%).

The lowest turnout was reported in the county of Maramures, with 6.84%.