Information available on Sunday afternoon and obtained by showed the Democratic Liberals (PD-L) and the Social Democrats (PSD), the two parties forming the governing coalition in Romania, neck in neck in the elections for European Parliament taking place in Romania amid major voter apathy.

While in the morning the PSD was leading with 33%, according to information circulated in political circles, and was followed by PD-L at 29%, the situation balanced by noon when the two parties were almost equal with about 30% each, followed by the opposition Liberals (PNL) with 15-16%. The far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM) would also pass the electoral threshold, while President Traian Basescu's daughter, Elena Basescu, who runs as an independent, would win a little over 4% of the votes.

The latest information showed a minor advantage for PD-L over PSD, within error margins.