Romanian President Traian Basescu's daughter, Elena Basescu, who ran as an independent candidate in European elections on Sunday, announced on Sunday night that she would return to the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), which she left on announcing her candidacy for the EP elections.

"I will return to PD-L, a carried a campaign as an independent, but I did not want to expose people in PD-L, I did not want to become a target" of political attacks related to her being the daughter of the president. PD-L is the main party supporting President Traian Basescu.

Her success in winning a seat in the EP in these elections was still uncertain on Sunday evening, when exit-polls were announced giving her about 3.5% of the vote.

According to the exit poll produced by CCSB for Antena 3, PD-L won more votes in rural areas than in urban areas except Bucharest, while the opposite happened in the case of Elena Basescu.

PNL earned a similar number of votes in rural and urban areas, while the PSD gained more votes in rural areas.