After the Coalition’s session on Tuesday, the Liberal-Democratic Party announced Social-Democrats that the European commissionaire role stays with PNL, which will nominate Dacian Ciolos, backed for Agriculture. The Social-Democrats tried to gain the lost territory, arguing that they have won the European elections in Romania. The Liberal Democrats retaliated, asking PSD to lobby for Romania at a European level and present their aspirations afterwards. Incumbent president Traian Basescu said parties should refrain from trying to impose anyone at this point, as Romania could risk losing being assigned an important role.

The argument brought by PD-L in the face of the European election winner party PSD pointed a finger to president Traian Basescu, the person to have negotiated with Germany and France for the role in agriculture, according to sources. Sources added that PD-L’s proposal, Dan Ciolos, has already been accepted at Cotroceni.

On the other hand, sources from the European Parliament say Dan Ciolos has little chance to be accepted by the Germans, as it is considered "the French guy". Ciolos graduated Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique Montpellier in France and married French.

European sources claim Germany would never accept Romania, a country seen as corrupt, to obtain a role for a commissioner that handles significant funds. Other sources said Romania was negotiating for technical commissionaire, justice and integration.

The two parties continued to clash on Tuesday on the matter. Social-Democratic sources told that PSD had "little chances to get the European commissioner role, the political statements are only for the audience".

PSD MEP Adrian Severin declared for Romanian radio station Realitatea FMthat Romania had the reputation of a corrupt country. Therefore, it could not negotiate for the European commissioner portfolio and look for the right person afterwards. PSD supports both Adrian Severin and Vasile Puscas for the much craved role.

President Traian Basescu asked the parties to refrain their debates, as their clash could prevent Romania from obtaining an important portfolio. According to Romanian press agency NewsIn, Basescu said that the right person for the role will be nominated by the Government.