Members of Stop the Codes! Coalition will inform the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso about the way Romania is drifting away from through the means used to adopt the judicial codes.

We ask Mr. Barroso to answer several questions. We would like to know, for example, to what level the lack of, contradicting Romania's engagements with the EU, will affect - or maybe it won't - the next CE report. We know that the EU has a good practice of impact studies, said the leader of Judicial Resources Centre Georgiana Iorgulescu.

The coalition goes on to request that the parliament boycotts the statutory session during which the Executive will present the project for which it will take responsibility. Victor Alistair, head of International Transparency Romania, said that if the session is not statutory, the Government cannot take responsibility. "Such a power game between the Parliament and the Government might give the first one the rank of Constitution, which defines it as the state's supreme legislative authority", he added.

In a direct note, leader of the Press Monitoring Agency Mircea Toma, psychologists, qualified the rush to adopt the judicial code as a psychological problem of incumbent President Basescu, whom he recommends psychotheraphy.

Stop the Codes! Coalition is made up of NGOs and media professional agencies and aims to stop the cancellation of the legislative procedures adopted so far regarding the Civil, Penal, Civil procedure and Penal procedure codes. Before the four normative acts are adopted, the have to be the subject of a genuine public debate, according to the Law of Transparency, the members of the coalition inform.

The meeting on the issue on Friday attracted Leaders of Transparency International Romania, the Centre of Judicial resources and the Human Rights Protection Association for Romania APADOR-CH) - the Helsinki committee.