Social Democratic spokesperson Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz said that incumbent President Traian Basescu's statements from the Government session on Sunday were contradicting the position he and Romania's PM Emil Boc had several weeks ago, when they were announcing the end of the economic downturn.

Basescu said yesterday during the Government meeting that Romania met all criteria to enter recession. "The statements the chief of state makes range from ecstasy to agony and from uncontrolled optimism to acute pessimism, inflicting panic in the population and in the economic agents" Duvaz said, cited by Romanian press agency NewsIn.

He also argued that Basescu's presence at the Governmental session on Sunday was for electoral purposes, to claim the merits for the Government's efforts to get the country out of recession and to create an electoral story, where he is the nation's hero.

PSD and the Lib-Dems (PDL) form the governance coalition. PSD pointed out that it will not accept Traian Basescu to transform the governmental act into his electoral tribune. Duvaz also showed that Basescu's urging to reform the educational system was ironic, since the Education Ministry saw its budget diminished this year.

Duvaz added that Traian Basescu's presence in a Governmental session that debates economic aspects should have been done according to article no. 87 in the Constitution, meaning the coalition should have approved his presence.