Ex-Social democratic deputy Emilian Cutean, state secretary for Revolution issues, was sentenced on Monday to execute 5 years of jail. He was found guilty of corruption. Over 100 ex-revolutionaries gathered in front of the Court in Bucharest's sector 1 and hailed the magistrates' decision, according to NewsIn.

Romanian PM Emil Boc signed the release of Emilian Cutean from his present state secretary role.

The same case saw a second person sent to court by Romanian National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), namely Mihaela Daniela Sbarcea, who was sentenced to three years of jail, with deferment. The decision is not definitive and it can be appealed. After the sentenced was passed, over one hundred revolutionaries gathered in front of the Court hailed "Victory, victory!".

Emilian Cutean and Mihaela Daniela were summoned to court in 2006, accused of financial operations incompatible with their roles, misfeasance and complicity. Emil Cutean is accused for promoting a governmental decision that helped his "Club 22"Association obtain three billion former lei. The association received the money helped by a scheme entitled "15 years from the Romanian Revolution", approved in December 9, 2004.

The money taken in by his organisations is considered a prejudice brought to State Secretary for the Revolutionaries' Issues. One accusation holds Cutean responsible for not using the entire sum for promoting the commemoration of the Revolution. Part of the money ended up in a bank account Cuteanu opened in the name of his association.

There were other nine billion former lei awarded to other revolutionaries associations.